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Founded in 1935, Malabar is a pioneering supplier of Ground Support Equipment. Our product line includes Axle and Tripod Jacks, Tail Support Stanchions, Weigh Equipment, Recovery Equipment, Wheel/Brake & Service Trailers, Nitrogen, Oxygen & Strut Service Carts, Fluid Dispensers and Fluid Service Units.

Malabar has built an unparalleled reputation throughout the world for superior quality products and after-sales support. Our products are in use in over 90 countries by major airlines, airframe manufacturers, aircraft overhaul and modification centers, military operations, and government agencies. Malabar offers 24-hour online support and technical assistance. This web site contains comprehensive information for every Malabar product line.

Malabar Headquarters

Malabar Headquarters, Simi Valley, CA, USA

Aircraft Jacks

Tripod Jacks Axle Jacks

Service Carts

Nitrogen Carts Coolant Service Carts

Fluid Dispensers

15 Gallon Fluid Dispensers 2 Gallon Fluid Dispensers

IATA Partner

Malabar International's Quality Management System is certified to ISO 9001:2008.